World War 1 Centennial Exhibit at the US Army Sergeants Major Academy

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Been busy these past few months with museum operations and just recently I had the opportunity to refurbish a long standing exhibit in the Command Section of the Sergeants Major Academy. I have been at the Academy since 2008 and the exhibit had been up for at least 9 years. (The previous museum staff had other obligations at the time). It was time for the artifacts to come off display. Since 2017 was the 100th anniversary of America's entry into WW1 (April 1917) I thought it appropriate to have an informational exhibit about some of the iconic artifacts from the era. With short notice I started to gather information, pictures and artifacts (all of the artifacts are from my personal collection with one exception.. (The pants are actual museum artifacts and the bayonet is a replica). We will keep this exhibit up until November 2018 after Veterans/Armistice Day and then we will go ahead and design and place a new exhibit.

I was able to finish this exhibit and deploy it on Tuesday of this week, just in time for Veterans Day 2017. Hope you all enjoy and of course comments and feedback are appreciated..

And I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all our veterans in all our Countries who have taken up the call to serve their nations.. Our Allies, Our Friends, Let us take a moment this November to remember all those who have served, here and abroad.. I salute all of you, Men and Women.. Thank you for your dedication and service to your Nations...


Well done.



   Smitty that is one beautiful exhibit! I love the accents with the bunting and the poppies, its a great touch! Keep up the fantastic work Brother! WE WILL REMEMBER THEM!      Scott

Outstanding Smitty! Very appropriate for Veteran's day.


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