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Looking for a certain book that's not available online?  Missing from your library?  Out of print?  Yes, we have a growing list of our 'haves,' but what about our 'have nots?'

I was thinking about this today as I have been searching for two books lately that are not easy to find.  In one, at least, I am only curious right now to know if a certain name appears.  I thought, 'why not make a topic for it....for everyone?'  If a member has that book, or access to it, and can confirm that what your looking for is inside of it, maybe it will easier to pull the trigger on the purchase.  Or maybe someone will be generous enough to loan it.  Now, I'm not volunteering anyone here...I have a hard time loaning books as I'm very particular about my things.  Especially if it is something rare!  But, we have a good bunch of folks here so this is a good place to start. 

In the meantime, does anyone have a copy of The Cold Steel Third: Third Airborne Ranger Company Korean War by Robert Channon? 
ISBN-13: 978-1881851028
ISBN-10: 1881851028

I am looking for information on Robert W. Scully.


Hey Rob,,

Hope all is well with you.. I have this book, it is in storage, will take me a week or so to dig it out, but when I do, I will help you out.. In the meantime, if someone else out there has this book on the shelf, perhaps you may be able to assist our resident archivist..




I got the  book this weekend and you will be pleased to know that there is a great deal of information about Mr. Scully. There are also group pictures with him shown..

It may be worth your while to find a copy. If you need my assistance looking up information about Mr. Scully, will be happy to provide scans and anything else you need..


Jerry BB:
A great idea for a thread.

Also good to see you got a positive response to your query.

1st Ranger Company roster. I have a 1st Ranger Co. group.



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