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Author Topic: HSAT (Helmet Steel Airborne Troops) Fibre Rim Paratrooper Helmet  (Read 2572 times)

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HSAT (Helmet Steel Airborne Troops) Fibre Rim Paratrooper Helmet
« on: February 01, 2016, 04:47:52 PM »
HSAT (Helmet Steel Airborne Troops) Fibre Rim Paratrooper Helmet


Here is another example from my collection of the British Paratrooper Fibre Rim HSAT (Helmet Steel Airborne Troops).

The helmet is absolutely factory standard finish with regards to paint, liner and straps with the exception of the helmet net obviously added to subdue the shape and surface somewhat.

Around 80% of the original paintwork remains and has escaped some slight surface corrosion.

Although hard to see from the photographs the helmet is fibre rimmed but the cordage from the net follows the same line.

The liner bolts are brass and never painted, unless of course the helmet has been camouflaged at unit level of in the field

Here you can see the flared edge of the HSAT with the fibre rim protruding slightly along the edge.  The fibre rim was made of white cotton strands impregnated with a hard rubberised resin which was then glued fast in place around the flared rim of the helmet.

The helmet liner is marked with the BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies) and dated 1942.

In this next photograph you will notice a yellow splodge of paint, there are differing opinions but the most commonly accepted is the steel shell designated for Airborne Troops.  There were also fibre rim dispatch rider helmets HSDR (Helmet Steel Dispatch Rider) that used a different liner and were not fitted with the crown pad found in the Airborne version.

Here you can see clearly the chalk marks still remaining around the fibrous crown pad, this was probably chalked in at some stage along the production line so the pad could be quickly glued and fitted into the correct position.  I wonder if there was a type of jig/frame that would sit around the rime of the helmet allowing a chalk mark to be quickly drawn in the exact position each time. 

It is always nice to find both the yellow splodge and the chalk marks, sometimes the pad has long since gone but the chalk remains and vice versa.

The earlier chinstraps where stitched whereas later versions where riveted, it is not uncommon to find helmets with both stitched and riveted chinstraps.

The two brass buckle rings held within a leather loop which forms part of the chinstrap and stitched in place.  Earlier examples see the brass rings held by a separate piece of leather which is then slid in between the strap components and stitched into place, more components and possibly slightly weaker so abandoned.

Stitching has also been used on the chin cup loop for securing the bitter end of the strap, again these were later riveted.

The chin cup is Chamois leather lined for comfort, shielding the wearers skin from the rough stitched surface.

The chinstrap adjustment holes are normally lined with brass/copper grommets, these are often missing as seen below and a degree of copper corrosion has stained the leather.

You'll also notice the red locking resin inside the liner band nuts.

A yellow sorbo rubber was used here which replaced the earlier fibre and black rubber pads, you can also find the HSAT lined with black sorbo rubber and on occasion also a mixture of the two.  They're also found with a fibre inner covered in a rubberised solution with often cracks off and also returns into a liquid/tar like state.


Various shots of the HSAT (Helmet Steel Airborne Troops) Fibre Rim Paratrooper Helmet

You can see how the straps cross at the rear which requires two holes drilled through the shell, the later Mk.II Paratrooper helmet used the webbing chinstrap and only required on hole in the centre.  Australian HSAT fibre rim conversions can be found with a hole drilled in the centre of the two original holes, this was to accommodate the webbing chinstrap.

Thanks for looking in,

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Re: HSAT (Helmet Steel Airborne Troops) Fibre Rim Paratrooper Helmet
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2016, 02:38:32 AM »
Very nice para helmet,


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Re: HSAT (Helmet Steel Airborne Troops) Fibre Rim Paratrooper Helmet
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2016, 02:50:50 AM »
A real stunner Tug, one of the best I have seen.


Jerry BB.

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Re: HSAT (Helmet Steel Airborne Troops) Fibre Rim Paratrooper Helmet
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2016, 03:24:52 AM »
Top-notch!  ;)
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