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American EX-PRISONERS OF WAR Series.
« on: June 01, 2014, 07:29:53 AM »
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Volume 1
Copyright 1988
ISBN: 0-938021-60-5

A great reference book filled with information about American Military POWs and Civilian Internees. There are several hundred personal bios from both men and women who were captured and imprisoned. There is also a history of the American EX-POW association from its inception to the date of printing.

Volume 2
Copyright 1991
ISBN# 1-56311-009-1

Volume 2 is also filled with personal bios of Ex American POW's, and it shows the POW medal that at the time had been recently authorized for wear by former POW's. Very interesting information about the Stalags and Japanese camps. A decent research tool for those looking for information on POW's. The list is not inclusive but it does have statistics of numbers in captivity, numbers who died and those who were repatriated.

Volume 3
Copyright 1995
ISBN: 1-56311-173-X

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