-The Allied Militaria Forum takes no responsibility and cannot be held liable for the items offered or provide a guarantee for the sale. The AMF can mediate when necessary and provided evidence, suspend buyers/sellers at anytime. The AMF will not reimburse any buyer/seller for anything.

-All sellers are encouraged to complete the sale and ship the items in a reasonable amount of time and warranty the items against damage in transit. If the seller does not insure the item, they need to be liable for damage in transit.

-All auctions cannot be canceled once a bid has been placed. Prior to bidding, canceling an item is not a problem. Violations of this policy may result in losing selling privileges.

-All buyers are encouraged to pay for items within a reasonable amount of time and complete transactions as promised.

-It is up to the seller to post what payment methods they will accept. Any listing without a payment method listed, may be deleted. Do not post you will accept paypal and then change your mind later without correcting your listing. Paypal CANNOT be requested as "GIFT" only. Either you accept the fees or post the buyer pays the fees, again do not request "GIFT" payments.

-International shipping is the choice of the seller. It must be mentioned in the listing whether the seller will ship internationally or not. This is not a policy up for debate and ridicule of sellers for declining international shipping will not be tolerated. International shipping is strongly encouraged by the AMF as our member base spans the globe.

-Sellers are responsible for disclosure of information in regards to their item. Reproductions and fakes not sold as such and known by the seller to be such, will result in a ban from the forum completely. This section is here to help collectors, not scam people and it will not be tolerated. In addition, fakes stories and trumped up groupings not disclosed will receive the same results. Letís be honest with our fellow collectors.

-At this time there is no fee associated with selling in this section. In the future as we grow, fees will be applied to the high quantity sellers. Also things seen as premium services related to selling may be charged a fee. The average collector who sells a few items a month will never have to worry about being charged to do so on this forum. Those that want to run a business from here are more than welcome, but will have to help keep the lights on.

-Currently only three categories are available. US Militaria and Allied Militaria are self explanatory. The yard sale category if for other COLLECTIBLE items that do not fit into the militaria category. The yard sale is here as a courtesy, any abuse and it will be removed. NO THIRD REICH FOCUSED LISTINGS. Items that belong to a US or ALLIED grouping (bringback) that are third reich are allowed.