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The forum rules are posted below:

Any member who has repeatedly ignored the rules or is disruptive to the forum mission will be suspended or banned depending on the severity of the offenses. Either suspension or banning will be for a period of 30-180 days, with the exception of dishonesty or criminal acts which may receive a permanent ban. Once a member has been allowed back from being banned, a subsequent ban will be permanent. Repeated suspensions may result in banning.

Modifying/Updating Rules
AMF reserves the right to modify and/or update the forum rules at anytime.  


General Policy
This Forum is based on "Big Boy Rules" and does not have a place for childish behavior. A mature member can have all the fun, but resorting to things such as personal attacks and name calling will not be tolerated. Every member is expected to be respectful of their fellow members whether they agree or not.

Every member has the right to start a thread and for other members to contribute within the original intent of the author. Max participation and comments are encouraged to advance the discussion. However, making posts that redirect the conversation or postings for the sole purpose to "one up" another member's items will be removed.  Any off-topic discussions that form need to be taken to a new thread.

Fights are not tolerated he at AMF. Heated discussion and disagreements are not a problem, but when it turns into personal attacks we refer back to "Big Boy Rules" and being respectful of others. Nothing can be gained by disrespecting another member except losing your ability to participate at all.

AMF does not allow discrimination. If it is not a historical reference, it has no place here.

AMF does not tolerate racism without a historical reference. No member will be subjected to racism in the forum or thru the PM system.

AMF does not allow inappropriate comments about any nation whether on the forum or thru the PM system.

AMF does not allow inappropriate comments about any religion and prefers religious conversation remain off the public forum in order to recognize all faiths we will discuss none.

AMF does not tolerate sexism in any context. No member will be subjected to sexism in the forum or thru the PM system.

AMF owners, moderators, and members may not be held liable for any inappropriate comments or messages made by it's members.

Pornography Policy
Posting any pornography including "soft porn" is prohibited on AMF. If posted, the content will be immediately removed and the member will be suspended. A second violation will result in the member being banned. A member has to make a conscience effort to post such content, therefore it should never happen by mistake.