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Title: German U-Boat Attack on Cape Cod, 1918
Post by: Robswashashore on May 11, 2019, 05:43:12 AM
Put together a display regarding the "Attack on Orleans" (Orleans is the the town next to ours here on the Cape).  An Imperial German U-Kreuzer shelled a tugboat and barges.  The crew of USCG Station 40 went to the rescue in an unarmed 26-foot pulling surfboat.  A squadron of sub chasers was sent out from nearby Provincetown, but recalled before they reached the scene.
A Curtiss HS1-L and an R-9 were dispatched from the Chatham Naval Air Station.  They both dropped their bombs on the U-156 but the bombs failed to detonate.  The commander of the R-9, a USCG aviator,  however,  did toss a wrench at the U-boat.
No one was killed, but two of the tug's crew were seriously injured.