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Title: SAS beret's, 1960's/70's
Post by: Jerry BB on September 15, 2018, 02:00:47 PM
Two Special Air Service beret's, one from the 1960's/70's the other from the 1970's. The earlier one is a private purchase type usually for officers but it has a slightly odd or's badge on it rather than the expected bullion version.

the later is the standard issue type from just before and up to the Iranian embassy siege period in the early 1980's, (one of those who took part in the siege had one of this type but it was probably his original issue beret from earlier in his service and was the one he auctioned off among some other possessions).

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Title: Re: SAS beret's, 1960's/70's
Post by: Rakkasan187 on September 17, 2018, 07:03:43 AM
Very nice Jerry,

I have a metal beret badge for the SAS, not sure what era.. I think I posted it here in the British section a long time back..

Love the vibrant color of the beret.. You know several years ago, more than 10,, In June 2001... the US Army went to the black beret. This was a total fiasco.. First during this time the Rangers wore the black beret. This distinguished themselves and set them apart for others in the military. At the time the US Army had 3 berets in use, maroon for paratroopers, black for Army Rangers and green for Green Beret's. Once the Army adopted the black beret the Rangers were forced to change the color to tan, similar to the SAS color. I believe it was chosen based on their relationship with the SAS and other elite forces of the world that wear the tan beret..

But the first black berets the Army received were made in China.. So to add insult to injury, the troops were wearing non-US made uniform items.. I think I still have my first original issue one somewhere.. Then the universal flash that was adopted was the light blue with 13 stars. This was designed after General Washington's flag.. Units were told that they could design and submit for approval their own beret flash designs and some units used older previous flashes but the process to design and get approved proved to be a nuisance so many decided to just wear the beret with the standard issue flash.   

With the replacement of the Army's Dress green uniform with the Army Service Uniform (Dress Blues) the saucer cap came back and many opted to dump the black beret and wear the saucer cap instead...

Now the Army once again is deciding to change the dress uniform once again to a version of the WW2 "pinks and greens"... This is supposedly going to be revealed if approved in November/ December 2018 during the Army/Navy football game. There have been prototype examples floating around the Army and the general consensus is that the Army likes the uniforms.. So we will see what happens with this next chapter...

Title: Re: SAS beret's, 1960's/70's
Post by: Jerry BB on September 17, 2018, 09:53:35 AM
Thanks Smitty.

A shame our respective countries can't source kit from within our own manufacturers, much british uniform kit is from abroad rather than supporting our own.....