"Crusher" and B8 parachute connection


Back in the early days of the forum , i started a thread regarding my named "Tan crusher"
Nothing out of the ordinary , just a nice solid example .
Ok , so come forward in time to this month . I have a friend who is a parachute Guru and we have been discussing a B8 set up that he has and that i was interested in . This has been ongoing now for over a year , he has been very busy with his personal life and i havnt hounded him to death as he gave me first dibs on it .
Up until a day ago i hadnt seen any pictures at all of the set up .
Then late Wednesday night , i received an email loaded with photos of said piece , while reading the email he ststed the pack was named . So as i browsed the photos a name jumped right out at me !!
Could ? Just could ?? this be 2 items from the very same guy ??
To think neither of us had disclosed any of the information or pics to each other until the otherday !

Phill Lockett:
Hi Carl

Looks like it from here , see if he can get a better close up of the  crossed out  serial number or if he can corroberate yours ?

Heres hoping it works out.



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