"Large formation of He111s approaching from the south-east...take cover!"

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Tom E. Gunn:
Today, we tested our newly acquired WW2 siren over at Whitmore Bay which is just a short walk from our museum. At precisely 1330hrs I wound it up...firstly the "incoming raid" warning which is the fluctuating combination of high / low notes, later followed by the steady "raiders leaving" tone. The siren, being manual, needed some energetic cranking in order to reach the required volume! Museum group members were situated some distance away on the lawns waiting to hear the siren, which they did...but apparently rather faintly! Admittedly, here was a lot of background noise from the funfair and passing traffic which might have had something to do with it? That said, our listeners across the bay on Friar's Point said that they heard it too, but again, faintly. So...our little experiment indicates that the siren was probably intended for use in street-based alerts, or perhaps in a factory, rather than in a wider open area such as Whitmore Bay. I'll attach some pics of the siren in situ, plus the view from there across the one or two of yours truly, all ARPed up! There are other pics featuring the rest of the group too so I'll add those when I receive them!

Tom E. Gunn:
BTW...the concrete structure behind the siren is the remains of a searchlight position from WW2 which covered the approaches to Barry Docks, a very important port in WW2 with a large American presence.

Tom E. Gunn:
A few more pics from this afternoon....

Tom E. Gunn:
"Tin hats on lads!!"

Tom E. Gunn:
"Auf wiedersehen baby!"


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