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GROUPINGS / Re: One of the "Wolfpack"
« Last post by Rakkasan187 on Today at 09:42:37 AM »
Incredible grouping..

Would love to have something like this in my collection..

Thanks for sharing

GROUPINGS / One of the "Wolfpack"
« Last post by Scarecrow on April 23, 2018, 07:45:27 PM »
Fairly recent pick-up is this uniform grouping belonging to Edward Poulos a replacement pilot in the 56th Fighter group 63rd Squadron.  One of (Hub) Zemke's Wolfpack.  The 56th FG were rivals of the 4th FG as they competed to be the highest scoring group in the ETO.  The 4th won the race with over 1,000 Axis aircraft destroyed.  The 56th not far behind, always prided themselves being the group with the most aerial victories. The 4th was mainly a P-51 group, having transitioned from the P-47.  The 56th remained a P-47 group through out its service. Poulos initially enlisted in the RCAF eventually transferring to the USAAF in June of 1944, when he was assigned to the 56th FG.  Unfortunately, his records are quite a bit sparse as they were destroyed in the infamous St. Louis fire.  After the war Poulos became e District Court Judge in Bethpage NY.  He died a relatively young man at age 51.  One of the interesting items in the grouping is his RCAF Flight Log book.  There are two telegrams to him from the RCAF demanding the immediate return of his log book.  Obviously he did not heed their demands.  I think that I may have to sell this grouping as every time I display it with my 4th FG uniform groupings, there always seems to be a lot of bickering amongst them.   ;)
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My Apologies PC

I have been concentrating on updating my database (Recollector), which has taken me 4 months!!

Anyway here is the reverse.

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CLOTH INSIGNIA / Re: Info sought on this patch
« Last post by Patchcollector on April 20, 2018, 07:55:35 PM »
Just an update;I received the SF patch and after examining it in hand I can state that it is definitely NOT a Thai made piece.It is constructed like some Middle Eastern pieces I've seen.
INTRODUCE YOURSELF / Re: Hello from MA. Seeking Information
« Last post by Masonk on April 16, 2018, 09:34:56 AM »
Welcome to the forum! Echoing what has been said, Smitty has provided the best path for pulling your Great Uncle's record.

It can be a long and daunting process, and unfortunately, they may not have a complete file for Albert at the Archives (fire in 1973 destroyed a large portion of Army records). To add another option, there are private researchers that can pull these files for a fee. At times they are more thorough, and explore other options to find records. Additionally, wait time should be much less than submitting the request through the archives.

Some options for private researchers:

We can only assume what other awards he would have would have earned in addition to the Purple Heart and Air Medal. Were I to take a stab, I would definitely say the EAME Campaign Medal (European-African-Middle Eastern) and American Defense Medal (pre-December 7th 1941 enlistment). Also, possible he earned the Army Good Conduct Medal, as at the time 1 year service while at war (assuming he was of good character), would have earned him the medal.

As for insignia, most definitely the 9th Army Air Force patch. I assume, as a Radio Operator, he would have worn standard Air Crew Wings. Based on years of service (41-45), prior to being KIA, he would have worn 1 service stripe, for 3 years total service. He likely would have worn overseas bars, one each, for 6 months overseas service, but without knowing how long he was overseas, no way of saying how many he would heave earned prior to being KIA. Collar insignia would have been US on the wearers right collar, and Air Corps on the wearers left collar. And of course, he would have worn SSgt rank on both sleeves.

Commendable thing you are doing, by the way. Researching my great uncle, who was also KIA while serving in the AAF during WWII, is what sparked my interest in collecting militaria and learning about the individual history of these men and women. Good luck in your research!

INTRODUCE YOURSELF / Re: Hello from MA. Seeking Information
« Last post by Rakkasan187 on April 16, 2018, 08:57:43 AM »
No Reply back yet from Luke..

Wonder if he found what he was looking for..

There appears to be a lot of information on line about one of his relatives.. Photos, missing air crew report ect..

HOBBIES AND OTHER INTEREST / Re: Model of BOMARC Missile, Otis AFB, Cold War Era
« Last post by Scarecrow on April 14, 2018, 04:23:55 AM »

Another outstanding work!
HOBBIES AND OTHER INTEREST / Re: Model of BOMARC Missile, Otis AFB, Cold War Era
« Last post by ScottG on April 13, 2018, 11:04:31 PM »
   Very nice, my Father in Law was a Nike man in Alaska in 67-68. The BOMARC engine was partially developed at Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti MI. Where the Ford B-24 was produced in WWII. The BOMARC facility is still there as is a test pit. It now belongs to the University of Michigan.  Scott
Incredible work Jean..

You have such a talent for bringing these alive..

HOBBIES AND OTHER INTEREST / Model of BOMARC Missile, Otis AFB, Cold War Era
« Last post by Robswashashore on April 13, 2018, 04:59:55 AM »
There were 56 of these nuclear--tipped surface to air missiles at Otis AFB.  This was the Revell-Monogram kit.

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